What is Visa Free Travel?

A visa is one of the most essential travel documents that one must have when visiting a foreign country. A visa is issued by a government to a foreigner who wants to visit their country. Some of the most common types of visas include tourist, in-transit and business visas. Nevertheless, obtaining a visa involves a series of procedures that cost a lot of time and money. The aim of visa free travel is to enable people to visit foreign destinations without having to go through all the lengthy processes of obtaining a visa.

Definition of Visa Free Travel and How it Works  

As the name suggests, visa free travel is the ability to visit foreign countries without having to get a visa in advance. Citizens of a country can enjoy visa free travel to other countries if their governments sign agreements for the same or the destination countries unilaterally open their borders to foreigners. For instance, US nationals have to get visas to travel to Russia or China because the United States does not have any agreements for visa-free travel. On the other hand, the US government has agreements with the Canadian and French governments that allow their citizens to freely move across their borders without visas.  

While visa free travel eliminates the mandatory visa requirement, travelers must have valid passports that every person will be asked to provide at the customs. Most countries only ask for the passport but, some may also require travelers to produce additional documents before allowing entry. For example, in Thailand, visa free travelers are often asked to provide proof of onward travel and funds at the customs. In other countries, visa free travelers may also be asked to pay some form of tax at the airport. 

Generally, a visa free travel eliminates all the lengthy visa procedures that will not only save you time and money but, also most of the stress involved in planning a trip.