Tips for Traveling While Breastfeeding

Bringing a breastfeeding baby on a trip might seem like the worst idea to some mothers. But, what could be more amazing than experiencing the world with your little gift by your side? If you are passionate about traveling, breastfeeding should not stop you from creating memories. With the guidelines discussed below, you can easily ensure smooth and safe trips around the world with your precious baby.

Check Out the TSA Rules

The TSA has specific guidelines for travelling with children that you should know before taking the flight. The rules allow women who are breastfeeding to travel with their babies but, there are standard screening procedures including the handling of breast milk, formula and other basics for infants. Knowing these requirements beforehand will help with knowing what to pack and how best to travel. You can either bring a breast pump or breastfeed your infant on the plane.

Pack Smart

When traveling while breastfeeding, you may be tempted to over pack but, that would only make your trip expensive. Pack the essentials for breastfeeding the baby, pumping and keeping breast milk including, breast pump and extra parts, cooler bag with frozen ice, sanitizing spray and wet wipes. If your baby might require some medication, you should also pack them. Get a large bag that can fit all your items and leave the stuff that you can buy on the road.

Decide If You Will Need a Travel Buddy

Whether you will be away for a few days, weeks or months, travelling while breastfeeding is usually exhausting and can easily wear you out. In case you are not sure that you can properly handle the baby alone, it is advisable to get a travel buddy, preferably someone you trust like a friend, family member, colleague or your nanny. It may impact additional expenses but, having a travel buddy is worth the extra spending.

Stay With Your Baby

Even if you have someone to help, do not get so laid back that you forget you had a breastfeeding baby. You are the one who understands your baby’s needs so, in case you will be out of sight for a while, pump enough breast milk to leave behind and be reachable.

With the above tips in mind and a little preparation, you can ensure a smooth, safe and exciting trip for yourself and everyone on the trip. Instead of worrying about your baby, just take things easy, follow the above guidelines and focus on the positives of the adventure.