Taboos about Traveling that You Should Avoid

Taboos about Traveling that You Should Avoid

Globalization has generally brought the human population together in different ways. One night while sitting with a group of travelers, I met this gentlemen who came to share his thoughts about traveling. He shares with me that being grateful is a top priority for him and should be for other travelers. Because of his gains in his nightclub business called Garden Bistro Bar, he is able to travel, but many take it for granted and just complain. However, most people still travel abroad to experience the cultures of other people. But, even for seasoned travelers, sensitivity and caution are required.

Navigating foreign customs, traditions, and laws is a minefield for some travelers. An explosion can occur if you set your feet on wrong places. To avoid trouble, you need to know travel taboos that you are likely to come across abroad.

Sole Exposure

In some cultures, exposing the sole is a dirty deed. In some Asian countries for instance, the bottom of the feet is considered unclean. Tossing a shoe at a dignitary is seen as exposing the sole to them indirectly. This can land you in prison for up to 3 years.

A Treatment that is Not Royal

This is considered a dirty deed because it amounts to criticizing a royal family’s member. In countries like Thailand, people are expected to treat monarchs with dignity. Criticizing a royal in Thailand can land you in prison for several years. However, tactless foreigners are mostly pardoned by the king.

Beach Sex

This is a dirty deed and a travel taboo. Public display of affection in a romantic way in some Middle Eastern countries is considered indecent. If a couple that is not married legally canoodles in public, it can land in jail for up to three months.

Rice Breaker

Sticking chopsticks into a rice bowl and leaving them is considered a dirty deed. When chopsticks rest in a vertical position, this is seen as a bad omen. That’s because it is considered a symbol of incense sticks that are used as grave markers in Japan. Everybody freaks out when this happens.

These are some of the most common travel taboos that you should know and avoid. Knowledge of travel taboos enables you to enjoy a better experience with the locals when you travel.