Important Traits to Consider When Choosing a Travel Companion

After interviewing Lorri Cutler, a partner of Move Up San Antonio and a participating San Antonio Real Estate Agent of the firm, shared an important tip with me, and that is that choosing a travel companion wisely is very important. It helps you choose a person that will make or break your travel experience. If you’re having difficulties choosing the person to travel with, here are important traits to consider. 


Your trip won’t go the way you planned it. If you choose a rigid or laid-back person, you may have an unpleasant experience overcoming challenges that may arise during the trip. Therefore, choose a flexible and easy person to make your travel experience better. 


You will face unexpected experiences and encounters when traveling. Some situations will require you to be spontaneous. Therefore, choose a person that is spontaneous and capable of adjusting the plan with ease. 

Street Smartness 

It’s great to be smart with books. However, street smartness matters the most when it comes to wandering in places you’ve never been to. Choose a person that is comfortable and capable of maneuvering the streets of a new city with ease. 


You will spend a lot of time with the person you choose as your travel companion. Make sure that the person is humorous to avoid boring moments. If you experience delays at the airport and other places, you don’t want to spend that time bored. Having a humorous person can brighten even the most uncomfortable and dull moments. 


An outgoing person is most likely approachable. This makes the person easier to interact with. It’s also a person that can ask directions from other people with ease. You will have a great time interacting with locals and other travelers if you choose an outgoing travel companion.

Cultural Sensitivity 

A person that is sensitive about the cultures of other people respects them. They understand the cultures, customers, and ways of life of other people. As such, they observe the local customs and are open to trying local cuisine. 

Look for these traits when choosing a travel companion to enhance your chances of having a great travel experience.