Taboos about Traveling that You Should Avoid

Taboos about Traveling that You Should Avoid

Globalization has generally brought the human population together in different ways. One night while sitting with a group of travelers, I met this gentlemen who came to share his thoughts about traveling. He shares with me that being grateful is a top priority for him and should be for other travelers. Because of his gains in his nightclub business called Garden Bistro Bar, he is able to travel, but many take it for granted and just complain. However, most people still travel abroad to experience the cultures of other people. But, even for seasoned travelers, sensitivity and caution are required.

Navigating foreign customs, traditions, and laws is a minefield for some travelers. An explosion can occur if you set your feet on wrong places. To avoid trouble, you need to know travel taboos that you are likely to come across abroad.

Sole Exposure

In some cultures, exposing the sole is a dirty deed. In some Asian countries for instance, the bottom of the feet is considered unclean. Tossing a shoe at a dignitary is seen as exposing the sole to them indirectly. This can land you in prison for up to 3 years.

A Treatment that is Not Royal

This is considered a dirty deed because it amounts to criticizing a royal family’s member. In countries like Thailand, people are expected to treat monarchs with dignity. Criticizing a royal in Thailand can land you in prison for several years. However, tactless foreigners are mostly pardoned by the king.

Beach Sex

This is a dirty deed and a travel taboo. Public display of affection in a romantic way in some Middle Eastern countries is considered indecent. If a couple that is not married legally canoodles in public, it can land in jail for up to three months.

Rice Breaker

Sticking chopsticks into a rice bowl and leaving them is considered a dirty deed. When chopsticks rest in a vertical position, this is seen as a bad omen. That’s because it is considered a symbol of incense sticks that are used as grave markers in Japan. Everybody freaks out when this happens.

These are some of the most common travel taboos that you should know and avoid. Knowledge of travel taboos enables you to enjoy a better experience with the locals when you travel.

Useful Tablets and Smartphone Apps for Travelers

Useful Tablets and Smartphone Apps for Travelers

Tablets and smartphones are useful devices for travelers. They allow travelers to preload them with apps that come in handy while on the go. However, you can make your device more useful when you know the best tablet and Smartphone apps for travelers and install them.

Here are some of the most important Smartphone apps that every traveler should download and install in their devices:

Time management and planning apps

There are many Smartphone apps that can help a traveler with hotels and flight booking as well as itinerary management.

They include:

  • Travel booking apps- These are apps that allow users to search for hotels, flights, and rental cars.
  • Airlines- Each airline has an app that allows users to search for flight and book them. They also allow them to view check-ins as well as flight status remotely.
  • Flight trackers- These applications allow users to keep track of their plane or kayak any time.
  • Itinerary organizers- These are apps that allow users to save trip details from convenient locations.

Translation apps

Translation apps are very useful when it comes to navigating a foreign country where a traveler is unfamiliar with the language that is spoken there. Google Translate for instance allows users to type something or speak it clearly and get a translation immediately. That means you can type something in English and have it translated into your preferred language.

Navigation and maps

Map applications enable travelers to navigate their locations with ease. Essentially, smartphones are accustomed to providing local maps to users. That means you can easily access your route’s information any time as well as the duration that you are likely to take to get to where you want to go. What’s more, you can download a driving route or map when on a Wi-Fi and use it to navigate throughout the day.

In addition to these tablets and Smartphone apps for travelers, there are other apps that enable you to stay connected with loved ones while traveling. These include social media, internet texting and call apps, news apps, file sharing apps, and postcards.

If you plan to travel overseas, down and install some of these apps to make your trip smooth, exciting, and successful.


Enjoy Quality Time with the Eclectic and Varied Nightlife San Antonio Scene

Enjoy Quality Time with the Eclectic and Varied Nightlife San Antonio Scene

San Antonio has an eclectic and varied nightlife just like the metropolis itself. It is very easy to find dozens of bars, clubs, and coffee shops that line the streets of this city. San Antonio has a vast selection of night entertainment spots where you will find your preferred style, atmosphere and music.

This city has a wide range of recreational and cultural events in the evenings due to its rich history. Majority of these events are held in clubs and restaurants. That means you are guaranteed chance to enjoy a great performance, a concert, and a delicious dinner when you visit San Antonio. What’s more, you will have an opportunity to dance nights away to your best tunes.

If you are in this Texas metropolis with your partner, take time to stroll its enchanting streets. You will realize that San Antonio provides the most romantic atmosphere at night. You will definitely never forget the experience.

Live Music

Do you love attending to live music performances? Then you should visit San Antonio. Pop, Rock, new wave, excellent karaoke, and alternative await you in San Antonio bars and clubs. My friend that owns Nightlife San Antonio tells me that some of these venues are renowned internationally. They feature young artists, local bands, and international artists. Thus, regardless of what you wish to listen or jam to while in this city, you will find a club or bar that provides it. Simply take time to relax as you listen to your favorite tunes including blues, soul, and jazz. You can also have excellent dinner, beverages, and any service that you expect to get from a high-end venue.


San Antonio dance clubs provide amazing tunes including salsa music, Latin music, retro tunes, and electronic music. There are also dance clubs that feature cumbia music, Mexican music, reggaeton, country music, and hip hop among others. What’s more, there are clubs where international DJs mix high-energy tunes. All dance venues in San Antonio have outstanding sound equipment and lighting. They are spacious and packed with lively crowds that make them simply amazing.


Lounges in San Antonio are among the most luxurious and fashionable places to go. Some of them fuse Afro-American and Jazz rhythms. All of them provide amazing, relaxing places where cool music is played throughout the week. Essentially, you don’t have to shout when holding a conversation in any of these lounges. Majority of San Antonio lounges provide amazing dance floors while others host live music. In some lounges, you must have a specific dress code to be allowed entry.

Bars and clubs

Nightlife can’t be complete without bars and clubs. The San Antonio nightlife is characterized by amazing bars, clubs, and pubs. These provide brews from different parts of the world. They also feature appetizers, snacks, live music, pool tables, and relaxed ambiances. San Antonio bars and clubs provide a perfect place for loved ones to gather and have real fun during their nights out. They feature giant screens and game broadcasts. Essentially, these bars and clubs provide everything that you would expect from a high-end bar, club, or pub.

Generally, San Antonio has an eclectic and varied nightlife. This nightlife attracts people from all walks of life because it provides something thrilling for everyone. So, if you are looking for a place to go and have fun in a way that you will live to remember, consider visiting San Antonio at night.


Travel Tips that Make You the Savviest Traveler in the World

Travel Tips that Make You the Savviest Traveler in the World

Nobody is born a savvy traveler. In fact, becoming a savvy traveler is something that comes with on-the-road experience. Savvy travelers start by making many mistakes in the beginning. Actually, becoming a savvy traveler is born of a foolish behavior, missed buses, countless errors, and cultural unawareness. This is followed by a bold, seamless move to airports and integration of a traveler into new cultures. Nevertheless, you can speed up the learning process by following these tips from savvy travelers.

Pack keenly

Before you leave your home, take time to pack items that you will need during the trip. These include a towel, clothes, and socks. Perhaps, the most important travel tip to follow when packing is to pack light. Use a small suitcase or backpack and pack only what you will need during the trip. A small suitcase or backpack will compel you to avoid carrying stuff that you won’t need.

Take care of your financial needs

Make sure that you have adequate cash that you will need during the trip. What’s more, carry an extra credit card or bank card. That’s because though you may have enough cash, disasters happen. Therefore, carry an extra bank card to act like a backup just in case you lose your major card or get robbed. Additionally, let your bank know that you will be traveling and that you might use the cards in a foreign country.

Plan the trip wisely

Take time to come up with a clear itinerary. Decide on the route to use, places to visit, things to do, and where to stay. Contact the right person and institutions to prepare the trip. Also get all documents ready. This includes a passport and visa. Additionally, decide on the number of days to spend traveling.

Talk to the right people

If you know somebody in your travel destination, tell them that you will be going there. You can also talk to your local tourism office, hotel staff, and tour guides. These can provide information that will make your trip smooth and successful. Additionally, let your loved ones know that you will be traveling and how long you will be away as well as places that you intend to visit.

Follow these tips every time you travel and you will eventually become the savviest traveler in the world even if you are yet to start traveling.

Travel Clothing Review

Travel Clothing Review

Regardless of the adventure in your itinerary, there are garments that you should pack when traveling.

Here is a comprehensive travel clothing review to guide you when picking the clothes to buy and pack for a trip:

Travel-friendly jackets

When traveling to a place that has a wet weather, stay comfortable and dry with a breathable or waterproof jacket. You can also wear a breathable or water-resistant rainwear. Waterproof/breathable shells feature laminates that serve a wide range of purposes that are aimed at keeping the wearer comfortable and dry. However, these are generally pricier than the other rainwear options. Water-resistant/breathable shells repel light rain and wind while providing breathability when the wearer is active. They are less expensive and bulky than the other shells. However, they can’t protect you against significant rain.

Skirts/shorts/ dresses/pants

Skirts, dresses, and shorts are an obvious option for travelers whose destinations are warm or tropical. However, it’s important to note that long pants provide better protection against bugs, rain, and sun. And, don’t forget that you might need long pants for cultural reasons. Nevertheless, convertible pants provide better options. These come with zips that enable wearers to turn them into shorts. These are ideal for travelers that want to save space when packing.

Wool sweaters and tops

Vests and fleece tops wick moisture away while providing insulation. However, they are bulky and they don’t compress easily in luggage. Wool sweaters are ideal for keeping travelers warm even during a wet weather. Additionally, woolen sweaters do not retain odors. Nevertheless, some woolen sweaters are bulky.


It’s always wise to carry a hat while traveling. Common options for travelers include rain hats, sun hats, and casual hats. Pick a hat that looks and feels good to wear. Also pick a hat that looks great when you wear it.

Socks and underwear

The same rules for fabrics apply for socks and underwear. Synthetic fabrics are easier to take care of than cotton. However, wool products provide natural comfort and breathability. Also know that wool and synthetics can prevent blisters because they keep the skin drier.

Basically, these are some of the things to consider when picking your travel clothing. Consider this travel clothing review carefully to enhance your comfort when traveling.

Travel Guide that Enables You to Travel on a Budget

Travel Guide that Enables You to Travel on a Budget

For many people, money is a major hindrance when it comes to traveling. In fact, many people have places that they would like to visit but the involved expenses keep them from living their dream. Fortunately, it’s possible to go on a trip even when you are operating on a tight budget. You simply need to do a little research and come up with a budget for major travel expenses.


When traveling, you can stay in a hotel room, a rental apartment, or a hostel. The cost of any of these depends on several factors. These include the size of a room, popularity of a hostel or hotel, and the number of the days that you stay there. It’s also important to note that the cost of accommodation depends on your destination. Therefore, conduct some research to know the exact amount you will pay for your preferred types of accommodation in your preferred destination before you travel.


There are many shops, restaurants, and hotels that serve different types of food in most travel destinations. For instance, you will find small shops in Europe serving pizza, sausages, and sandwiches. These shops are found in most bus stations, train stations, and pedestrian areas. There are also popular restaurants that serve different types of food. In most cases, you will find information on food prices on the websites and Facebook pages of these outlets. That means you can easily conduct a research on the dishes that you would like to enjoy while at your destination before you travel and budget accordingly.


You can travel by train, bus, taxi, or plane. Therefore, plan your travel itinerary with your budget in mind. Again, conduct some research to know the cost of different transportation means and include it in your budget. It’s important that you include alternative means of transport just in case your preferred means fail you.


The activities that you engage in when you travel are largely dependent on your destination. It’s therefore important that you choose your travel destination on the basis of the activities that you wish to engage in. Additionally, conduct some research to know the cost involved in different activities. For instance, know the cost involved in climbing the Eiffel Tower. Also know cost of river cruises and bike tours as well as museum fees if these are some of the activities you wish to engage in when you travel.

Basically, these are the major expenses that you should factor in your travel budget. Conduct some research and budget accordingly. That way, you will realize that you don’t have to break the bank to travel. Check out one of my favorite travel booking websites called for future travels.

You should visit these beach destinations for sure

Most people like going to a beach holiday. But, there are the normal beaches that you can go to and then there are those destinations that you just need to make sure that you are visiting at least once. Too many people don’t know the top beach destinations in the world that you should consider visiting. Especially, when you are looking for a top beach destination that you will never forget.

Honopu Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

We all know that Hawaii is the one destination that is perfect for beach holidays. And, this is one of the most popular destinations in the world. The thing about Honopu beach is the fact that this isn’t a beach that you can reach easily. And, this is why so many people don’t know about this beach.

When you are actually reaching this beach, you will agree that this is one of the best and most beautiful places on earth.

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

This is absolutely shocking to realize that there are so few people that are familiar with this beach and that even knows that Palawan in the Philippines has such a beautiful place.

This is what people mean when you say that you were in a paradise. You will not get better than this destination and it is for sure one of the top beach destinations that you should visit if you love the ocean and beautiful beaches.

Maitra Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

In French Polynesia, there is a place that offers the most beautiful ocean and some sceneries that you will not find anywhere else in the world. If you are asking people in this country where the best ocean views are, then they will always answer at Maitra beach. This is a destination that you want to return to, year after year.

Lindquist Beach, St. Thomas

Between the mentioned beach destinations, this one is the one beach that might be the most popular and most known. This is because people like going to St. Thomas for a beach holiday. However, there is one beach that is more beautiful than any of the other beaches in St. Thomas. This is the Lindquist beach.

The water is clear and the sand is white. A perfect place where you can take your whole family for a vacation of a lifetime.

There are so many beach destinations, that we tend to forget about all the top and most beautiful beaches in the world. These mentioned beach destinations are those destinations that you should visit at least once. You will understand why this is known as the best beaches to visit, once you were there.

Tow Truck Types

Some people have never realized that towing a damaged vehicle is a complex task that needs the right type of tow truck and the right towing technique. The most important thing when towing a vehicle is making sure it’s moved safely without causing any further damage. While there are different types of equipment and techniques used to when towing vehicles, here are the main types of tow trucks used by most towing companies across the country.

Hook and Chain Tow Truck

The hook and chain tow truck seems to have fallen out somehow although it used to be the preferred tow truck for most companies. These trucks have a hook that’s attached to the towed vehicle’s body at the front end. The vehicle is then raised off the ground and moved with its two wheels on the ground. Most drivers don’t prefer these trucks as they can damage the vehicle.

Flatbed Tow Truck

These tow trucks are also known as the “rollback” trucks. Most towing companies across the country prefer these trucks as they are considered the safest when it comes to transporting a vehicle. The trucks usually have long, flat beds with a hydraulic system that makes it easy to load vehicles. Once the vehicle is properly set on the flatbed, the hydraulic system evens out the ramp and the truck can now start moving with the vehicle. The fact the vehicle is not dragged in any way means flatbed tow trucks are more convenient and safer than the hook and chain tow truck. This is the kind of truck I prefer any time I have a breakdown.

Wheel-Lift Tow Truck

The wheel-lift tow trucks work almost the same way as the hook and chain tow trucks in the sense that the vehicle is moved with its two wheels off the ground. Both of these trucks transport vehicles by means of pulling. However, the difference lies in the fact that wheel lift tow trucks have a metal yoke that helps in securing the vehicle to the truck. With these trucks, their risk of damage is lesser.

You can always choose from these three types of tow trucks when in need of towing service. Before you hire a towing service provider, make sure they are licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

Motorcycle Towing

We can’t deny it. We’re living in the information age and everyone wants to stay updated with everything that’s going on around the globe. It’s not a surprise to see a driver busy replying an email on one hand while juggling a cup of coffee on the other. Safety is not of much priority or rather it’s not taken so seriously today.

If you’re a motorcycle owner, understand that it’s not just about the comfort you get from riding it. There are other responsibilities you’re supposed to take care of as long as you want your motorcycle to keep operating smoothly. You have to do everything possible to make sure it doesn’t break down when least expected. Safety on the roads should be a priority for every motorist on the road.

However, while you may try to ensure you’re safe and your motorcycle is running smoothly, you can never tell when it will break down. Who is ever willing and ready to be left exposed and stranded at the side of the road? You’ll agree that this is not something you’d want to experience though it still happens. The best you can do is preparing for bad scenarios so that your experience can be less stressful.

Start off your journey by finding a reputable towing service and making sure their contact details are with you. That means when you find yourself in an emergency situation, you can contact a 24/7 emergency towing service for your motorcycle towing.

Loading a motorcycle onto a tow truck is not as easy as it is with other vehicles. You realize that a motorcycle must be supported when towing. They can’t be pulled without any support. You can’t also tow a motorcycle using a dolly. It can only be towed using a flatbed tow truck. All these show you how difficult and challenging it is when it comes to motorcycle towing. When selecting a towing company to tow your motorcycle:

  • Choose a 24/7 emergency towing service that employs certified motorcycle technicians.
  • Choose a licensed and insured towing service provider which uses a motorcycle loading system that ensures the safety of your motorcycle when being loaded and during transportation.
  • Choose a towing service that ensures professionalism and customer satisfaction in their service.