Important Traits to Consider When Choosing a Travel Companion

After interviewing Lorri Cutler, a partner of Move Up San Antonio and a participating San Antonio Real Estate Agent of the firm, shared an important tip with me, and that is that choosing a travel companion wisely is very important. It helps you choose a person that will make or break your travel experience. If you’re having difficulties choosing the person to travel with, here are important traits to consider. 


Your trip won’t go the way you planned it. If you choose a rigid or laid-back person, you may have an unpleasant experience overcoming challenges that may arise during the trip. Therefore, choose a flexible and easy person to make your travel experience better. 


You will face unexpected experiences and encounters when traveling. Some situations will require you to be spontaneous. Therefore, choose a person that is spontaneous and capable of adjusting the plan with ease. 

Street Smartness 

It’s great to be smart with books. However, street smartness matters the most when it comes to wandering in places you’ve never been to. Choose a person that is comfortable and capable of maneuvering the streets of a new city with ease. 


You will spend a lot of time with the person you choose as your travel companion. Make sure that the person is humorous to avoid boring moments. If you experience delays at the airport and other places, you don’t want to spend that time bored. Having a humorous person can brighten even the most uncomfortable and dull moments. 


An outgoing person is most likely approachable. This makes the person easier to interact with. It’s also a person that can ask directions from other people with ease. You will have a great time interacting with locals and other travelers if you choose an outgoing travel companion.

Cultural Sensitivity 

A person that is sensitive about the cultures of other people respects them. They understand the cultures, customers, and ways of life of other people. As such, they observe the local customs and are open to trying local cuisine. 

Look for these traits when choosing a travel companion to enhance your chances of having a great travel experience. 

How to Travel to South America with Children

South America is a renowned tourist destination with a wide range of attractions and activities for memorable family vacations. It is home to tropical destinations like Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile with beautiful natural sceneries, great weather, pristine beaches, historic landmarks, and rich cultures that will make every family trip remarkable. Nevertheless, the following are essential travel tips for visiting South America with children. 

Research about Your Destination 

South America is quite large an area with different tourist destinations. While there is a general perception that most South American cities are dangerous, most of the countries have been relatively stable and calm in the last few years. In case you are not sure about the destination, check with the U.S State Department for any travel advisories. 

Overall, try to gather as much information as you can about the destination for safety and convenience. Find out about any significant threats, the places to avoid, and other travel essentials to keep in mind when visiting the destination with children. 

Get Travel Insurance 

When traveling with kids, a lot of things can go wrong including sickness and loss of luggage. As such, having travel insurance is highly recommended to ensure that such occurrences do not ruin the adventure. The insurance will not only cover medical expenses but, also the costs of lost valuables on the road. Find good travel insurance that guarantees proper cover for your entire family. 

Consider Hiring a Tour Guide or Travel Companion 

Traveling with kids requires a lot of attention that can sometimes limit you from getting the desired experience. The language barrier could also be an issue if you are not good at Spanish. With a tour guide or travel companion, you can take turns watching the children and indulging in different fun activities. Apart from just helping you to navigate the streets and avoid problems of the language barrier, a local tour guide could also advise on the best family attractions at the destination. 

South America is no doubt a timeless travel destination for memorable family vacations. Regardless of the particular South American country or city that you wish to visit with the children, the above tips are essential to ensuring safe and remarkable adventures. 

Traveling with a 3-Month-Old Baby

If it is your first time, traveling with a baby can seem to be one of the most daunting tasks. Apart from just the exhaustion of handling the baby on the road, some mothers also fear that traveling exposes their babies to several unnecessary risks including health issues and injuries. However, the following tips can help you ensure safe and fun trips with your 3-month-old baby. 

Check if the Baby is fit to Travel 

There is no alarm in traveling with a 3 months old baby but, fitness to travel relies on his or her overall health status. Even if the baby seems okay, it is advisable to talk to your doctor about the travel plans beforehand. The doctor will examine the baby and decide if they are fit to travel based on the results. 

In case there is an issue that could affect the health of the baby during the trip, the doctor can recommend suitable remedies or advise you to cancel or delay the trip. 

Pack Smart 

Packing is one of the most challenging areas when planning to travel with a small baby. For convenience, you should first create a packing list with all the basic items for the baby. Some of the essential items that you should consider packing in your carry-on include anti-bacterial wipes, diapers, and nappies, feeding bottles, medicines, and toys. 

You should also pack enough warm and comfortable clothes for the baby. A few plastic bags are also important for holding dirty clothes and other items on the flight. 

Keep the Baby Well-Fed and Comfortable 

One of the secrets to enjoyable trips with infants is keeping satisfied and comfortable. Make sure the baby has plenty of milk before and during the flight. That will keep them calm and relaxed throughout the trip. When booking, you should also choose a comfortable seat that will allow you and the baby to get proper rest during the flight. 

Although traveling with a 3-month-old baby might scare some mothers, the above tips will help you with making the best travel plans for safe and memorable adventures. 

Useful Tips for Traveling with Family

Sharing quality time is a great way of strengthening family bonds, and traveling is a good way to achieve this. However, tagging your family along can be a tricky venture, that requires a lot of considerations. To ensure safety and comfort for your family during a trip, you need to bear in mind the following tips.

Plan Your Itinerary Well

When putting together the travel plan, consider the preferences of each family member. Also, check the practicality of the trip, to fit each one. For instance, it’s not reasonable to include a hurricane-prone destination and bring along kids. Or bringing an arthritic parent on a vacation to Europe during winter.

Get Proper Travel Insurance

Traveling involves many risks, and traveling with family makes the situation tricky. For instance, newborns could get severe food allergies, flights get canceled, or luggage gets lost. To avoid ruining your itinerary, it’s wise to get the right insurance coverage and travel with some assurance.

Travel Light

Minimize your baggage by leaving out things like strollers, car seats, bikes, and cribs. Most popular travel destinations offer rental services for such items. However, you need to confirm the availability of that service while making reservations.

Book Accommodations with Separate Sleeping Areas

Although you’ll pay more to get such rooms, it’s worth it as you’ll convenience. For instance, if you need to watch a movie and a drink with your spouse, the children will not be inconvenienced and vice versa. Since not every hotel offers two-bedroom suites, you need to do a background search.

Keep Your Travel Documents Safe

Tourists are usually easy targets for pick-pockets, and losing your travel documents can ruin your trip. Keep a passport holder with a sling so that it is safe and accessible at all times. Never keep all original documents in the same place. Moreover, duplicate important documents and have a backup in a server of your choice.

Also, carry a first aid kit especially for family members with medical needs. These tips will make you more prepared next time you plan to have a family trip.

What is Visa Free Travel?

A visa is one of the most essential travel documents that one must have when visiting a foreign country. A visa is issued by a government to a foreigner who wants to visit their country. Some of the most common types of visas include tourist, in-transit and business visas. Nevertheless, obtaining a visa involves a series of procedures that cost a lot of time and money. The aim of visa free travel is to enable people to visit foreign destinations without having to go through all the lengthy processes of obtaining a visa.

Definition of Visa Free Travel and How it Works  

As the name suggests, visa free travel is the ability to visit foreign countries without having to get a visa in advance. Citizens of a country can enjoy visa free travel to other countries if their governments sign agreements for the same or the destination countries unilaterally open their borders to foreigners. For instance, US nationals have to get visas to travel to Russia or China because the United States does not have any agreements for visa-free travel. On the other hand, the US government has agreements with the Canadian and French governments that allow their citizens to freely move across their borders without visas.  

While visa free travel eliminates the mandatory visa requirement, travelers must have valid passports that every person will be asked to provide at the customs. Most countries only ask for the passport but, some may also require travelers to produce additional documents before allowing entry. For example, in Thailand, visa free travelers are often asked to provide proof of onward travel and funds at the customs. In other countries, visa free travelers may also be asked to pay some form of tax at the airport. 

Generally, a visa free travel eliminates all the lengthy visa procedures that will not only save you time and money but, also most of the stress involved in planning a trip. 

Tips for Traveling While Breastfeeding

Bringing a breastfeeding baby on a trip might seem like the worst idea to some mothers. But, what could be more amazing than experiencing the world with your little gift by your side? If you are passionate about traveling, breastfeeding should not stop you from creating memories. With the guidelines discussed below, you can easily ensure smooth and safe trips around the world with your precious baby.

Check Out the TSA Rules

The TSA has specific guidelines for travelling with children that you should know before taking the flight. The rules allow women who are breastfeeding to travel with their babies but, there are standard screening procedures including the handling of breast milk, formula and other basics for infants. Knowing these requirements beforehand will help with knowing what to pack and how best to travel. You can either bring a breast pump or breastfeed your infant on the plane.

Pack Smart

When traveling while breastfeeding, you may be tempted to over pack but, that would only make your trip expensive. Pack the essentials for breastfeeding the baby, pumping and keeping breast milk including, breast pump and extra parts, cooler bag with frozen ice, sanitizing spray and wet wipes. If your baby might require some medication, you should also pack them. Get a large bag that can fit all your items and leave the stuff that you can buy on the road.

Decide If You Will Need a Travel Buddy

Whether you will be away for a few days, weeks or months, travelling while breastfeeding is usually exhausting and can easily wear you out. In case you are not sure that you can properly handle the baby alone, it is advisable to get a travel buddy, preferably someone you trust like a friend, family member, colleague or your nanny. It may impact additional expenses but, having a travel buddy is worth the extra spending.

Stay With Your Baby

Even if you have someone to help, do not get so laid back that you forget you had a breastfeeding baby. You are the one who understands your baby’s needs so, in case you will be out of sight for a while, pump enough breast milk to leave behind and be reachable.

With the above tips in mind and a little preparation, you can ensure a smooth, safe and exciting trip for yourself and everyone on the trip. Instead of worrying about your baby, just take things easy, follow the above guidelines and focus on the positives of the adventure.

Best in Travel – Top 5 Cities to Visit

A great adventure is not just about traveling to a remote destination far out of town. Visiting different cities in your home country or other parts of the world can still deliver a remarkable retreat. Cities are unique and, there is always a guarantee that you will easily find some new and interesting things to see and do throughout your trip. According to Gabriel from Auto Masters Collision Center shares with us that if you are looking for inspirations for a city break, below are the top 5 cities to visit.

Miami, USA

Miami is prominent for its array of stunning beaches and electric nightlife. It is a tropical paradise with something for every traveler all year long. Other splendors in the city include timeless art, great food, unique architecture and rich culture. Besides, it also has a wide range of options for accommodations and well developed transport system that will ensure your trip the city is simply amazing. Even in winter, Miami remains an exotic escape.

Shenzhen, China

Dubbed China’s Silicon Valley, Shenzhen is a magnet for travelers from all over the world. The city is known for its new iconic architecture and technology innovations. While the nightlife was not so vibrant a few years ago, the city now offers a unique entertainment scene with high end clubs and bars, cool cafes, a new arts district and so much more. Whether you want to connect with the Chinese people, get lost in tech innovations or just enjoy a relaxed retreat, Shenzhen is an ideal choice.

Dakar, Senegal

Dakar, Senegal is one of the most dynamic cities in the African continent. It features several sandy beaches, warm climate, vibrant markets and a buzzing nightlife. A trip to the seaside city can also offer you a rare opportunity to see wildlife and some great architecture. While this tropical destination has been overlooked by travelers over the years, it is a great choice for unique, budget friendly trips. The recently opened international airport has even made it easier to now travel to and from the city.

Other top cities for travelers that you may also want to consider adding to your list include Copenhagen, Denmark, Kathmandu, Nepal, Seattle, USA, Mexico City, Mexico and Meknes, Morocco.

Taboos about Traveling that You Should Avoid

Taboos about Traveling that You Should Avoid

Globalization has generally brought the human population together in different ways. One night while sitting with a group of travelers, I met this gentlemen who came to share his thoughts about traveling. He shares with me that being grateful is a top priority for him and should be for other travelers. Because of his gains in his nightclub business called Garden Bistro Bar, he is able to travel, but many take it for granted and just complain. However, most people still travel abroad to experience the cultures of other people. But, even for seasoned travelers, sensitivity and caution are required.

Navigating foreign customs, traditions, and laws is a minefield for some travelers. An explosion can occur if you set your feet on wrong places. To avoid trouble, you need to know travel taboos that you are likely to come across abroad.

Sole Exposure

In some cultures, exposing the sole is a dirty deed. In some Asian countries for instance, the bottom of the feet is considered unclean. Tossing a shoe at a dignitary is seen as exposing the sole to them indirectly. This can land you in prison for up to 3 years.

A Treatment that is Not Royal

This is considered a dirty deed because it amounts to criticizing a royal family’s member. In countries like Thailand, people are expected to treat monarchs with dignity. Criticizing a royal in Thailand can land you in prison for several years. However, tactless foreigners are mostly pardoned by the king.

Beach Sex

This is a dirty deed and a travel taboo. Public display of affection in a romantic way in some Middle Eastern countries is considered indecent. If a couple that is not married legally canoodles in public, it can land in jail for up to three months.

Rice Breaker

Sticking chopsticks into a rice bowl and leaving them is considered a dirty deed. When chopsticks rest in a vertical position, this is seen as a bad omen. That’s because it is considered a symbol of incense sticks that are used as grave markers in Japan. Everybody freaks out when this happens.

These are some of the most common travel taboos that you should know and avoid. Knowledge of travel taboos enables you to enjoy a better experience with the locals when you travel.

Useful Tablets and Smartphone Apps for Travelers

Useful Tablets and Smartphone Apps for Travelers

Tablets and smartphones are useful devices for travelers. They allow travelers to preload them with apps that come in handy while on the go. However, you can make your device more useful when you know the best tablet and Smartphone apps for travelers and install them.

Here are some of the most important Smartphone apps that every traveler should download and install in their devices:

Time management and planning apps

There are many Smartphone apps that can help a traveler with hotels and flight booking as well as itinerary management.

They include:

  • Travel booking apps- These are apps that allow users to search for hotels, flights, and rental cars.
  • Airlines- Each airline has an app that allows users to search for flight and book them. They also allow them to view check-ins as well as flight status remotely.
  • Flight trackers- These applications allow users to keep track of their plane or kayak any time.
  • Itinerary organizers- These are apps that allow users to save trip details from convenient locations.

Translation apps

Translation apps are very useful when it comes to navigating a foreign country where a traveler is unfamiliar with the language that is spoken there. Google Translate for instance allows users to type something or speak it clearly and get a translation immediately. That means you can type something in English and have it translated into your preferred language.

Navigation and maps

Map applications enable travelers to navigate their locations with ease. Essentially, smartphones are accustomed to providing local maps to users. That means you can easily access your route’s information any time as well as the duration that you are likely to take to get to where you want to go. What’s more, you can download a driving route or map when on a Wi-Fi and use it to navigate throughout the day.

In addition to these tablets and Smartphone apps for travelers, there are other apps that enable you to stay connected with loved ones while traveling. These include social media, internet texting and call apps, news apps, file sharing apps, and postcards.

If you plan to travel overseas, down and install some of these apps to make your trip smooth, exciting, and successful.


Enjoy Quality Time with the Eclectic and Varied Nightlife San Antonio Scene

Enjoy Quality Time with the Eclectic and Varied Nightlife San Antonio Scene

San Antonio has an eclectic and varied nightlife just like the metropolis itself. It is very easy to find dozens of bars, clubs, and coffee shops that line the streets of this city. San Antonio has a vast selection of night entertainment spots where you will find your preferred style, atmosphere and music.

This city has a wide range of recreational and cultural events in the evenings due to its rich history. Majority of these events are held in clubs and restaurants. That means you are guaranteed chance to enjoy a great performance, a concert, and a delicious dinner when you visit San Antonio. What’s more, you will have an opportunity to dance nights away to your best tunes.

If you are in this Texas metropolis with your partner, take time to stroll its enchanting streets. You will realize that San Antonio provides the most romantic atmosphere at night. You will definitely never forget the experience.

Live Music

Do you love attending to live music performances? Then you should visit San Antonio. Pop, Rock, new wave, excellent karaoke, and alternative await you in San Antonio bars and clubs. My friend that owns Nightlife San Antonio tells me that some of these venues are renowned internationally. They feature young artists, local bands, and international artists. Thus, regardless of what you wish to listen or jam to while in this city, you will find a club or bar that provides it. Simply take time to relax as you listen to your favorite tunes including blues, soul, and jazz. You can also have excellent dinner, beverages, and any service that you expect to get from a high-end venue.


San Antonio dance clubs provide amazing tunes including salsa music, Latin music, retro tunes, and electronic music. There are also dance clubs that feature cumbia music, Mexican music, reggaeton, country music, and hip hop among others. What’s more, there are clubs where international DJs mix high-energy tunes. All dance venues in San Antonio have outstanding sound equipment and lighting. They are spacious and packed with lively crowds that make them simply amazing.


Lounges in San Antonio are among the most luxurious and fashionable places to go. Some of them fuse Afro-American and Jazz rhythms. All of them provide amazing, relaxing places where cool music is played throughout the week. Essentially, you don’t have to shout when holding a conversation in any of these lounges. Majority of San Antonio lounges provide amazing dance floors while others host live music. In some lounges, you must have a specific dress code to be allowed entry.

Bars and clubs

Nightlife can’t be complete without bars and clubs. The San Antonio nightlife is characterized by amazing bars, clubs, and pubs. These provide brews from different parts of the world. They also feature appetizers, snacks, live music, pool tables, and relaxed ambiances. San Antonio bars and clubs provide a perfect place for loved ones to gather and have real fun during their nights out. They feature giant screens and game broadcasts. Essentially, these bars and clubs provide everything that you would expect from a high-end bar, club, or pub.

Generally, San Antonio has an eclectic and varied nightlife. This nightlife attracts people from all walks of life because it provides something thrilling for everyone. So, if you are looking for a place to go and have fun in a way that you will live to remember, consider visiting San Antonio at night.